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[19 Apr 2009|09:58am]

See you in October.
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! [04 Dec 2008|02:03pm]


WITh MATTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Soooooooooo happy.

I just closed 10 job posting windows.

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[02 Dec 2008|08:26pm]
Lauren's Dad:  Bill Clinton was a good president...except for his wandering peepee.  (Oh yes, he did)
Lauren: What on earth does that have to do with his presidency???
LD:  He lied to the American people!!!111
L:  It has nothing to do with running a country who sucks his dick!  How many other presidents do you think had extramarital affairs???
LD:  Well, he shouldn't have lied.
L:  It shouldn't matter what goes on in someone else's bathroom.  A senator can fuck a bathmat for all I care.
LD: Well, that's true.  But they should be **good people**.





AND he voted for Bush x2.

I'm so mortified.
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[23 Aug 2008|04:05am]

 It's 4 AM and I'm too lazy to sleep.

I've been trying to catch up on olympics watching, and I've found out that Peng Bo had injuries and finished 5th in China's Olympic Trials, which is lame.  Joona also choked in the semis for 3m springboard, and missed the cut by 3 points...after being, like, 4th in quallies.

Other interesting things:

-My cousin is getting married tomorrow (or, technically, today?)
-I found out about a certain somebody's really rude and kind of ridiculous inquiry to my somewhat-bf
-I used to call Adam "The Hotness"
-The above is REALLY AMUSING
-I still think Adam is hot, but in an objective way
-I.e. I wouldn't even make out with him if asked
-The fact that I used to make out with Adam makes me want to laugh a lot
-Not because he's gross or anything, but just because he's so into Asian girls, that it's kind of ridiculous
-I'm really sad that I missed so many Olympics events
-I wish I had tons of time to loaf around and play Kingdom Hearts
-I kind of wish I could go back to freshman year, if only for a day

-I have some SUPER nerdy friends

-But, you know, I really don't feel like a video game nerd, at all
-Which makes people calling me a video game nerd kind of annoying, but not really
-There was a time in my life when I wrote journal entries like, every day...or THREE times a day
-There were also times within the last year that I was writing private entries like, every day
-I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore
-I miss DDR, but I also need to finish KH, and Lego Star Wars, and Katamari
-Who the fuck is the orange kid?  Oh, I know.
-HAHAHA, Adam's dirt lip.
-I miss cinnastix and etc.
-Freshman year was truly amazing, especially first semester.
-I used to be really active
-That trend hasn't really continued
-Adam is like, my best friend (one of them, anyway)
-I like boys
-I think I've kissed double-digits numbers in the last year
-I think I needed that
-I'm not a ho
-I'm going back to Seal in like, 10 days
-I'm going to get lots of kisses

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[19 Aug 2008|12:21pm]
 Needless to say, I got creative this summer.

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[23 Jun 2008|08:59am]

Oh, kawaii!

I just got back yesterday from Seal, and it was amazing in every way and I'm sooo sad that I had to leave and all that jazz...seriously.  Amazing.



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[23 May 2008|09:50am]
Maine is chilly.  And lacks men.

But it's so pretty!
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[16 Dec 2007|09:17pm]
Thanks.  I needed that. 

And now, back to my regularly scheduled life.  Although I worry that now I'll end up like Nadine.
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Fave Lyrics Eva [14 Dec 2007|06:16am]
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[14 Dec 2007|05:55am]
I can't sleep.  Possibly for several reasons.  But yeah, I do have a final tomorrow, but I can't be bothered to study for it for at least...oh...an hour and a half.

w00t, now I can shower, eat, and study. 
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[12 Dec 2007|06:15pm]
So.  Theophilus just pooed on my neck and it smells like reeking diarrhea.  What's that all about?

Oh yeah, and I'll be home probably Saturday sometime.  So if anyone wants slurpees...e.g. Beeka?  I'll be arooooound.  For most of break, actually.  Surprise!  I might not be around next Xmas, so feel free to rape my time as much as possible this year.
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[26 Nov 2007|10:20am]
So I didn't go get slurpees, but I do have ducks, and I beat FFIX and got a lot of sleep.  So that's all good.  I haven't been doing any homework, which is nicht so gut.

I also have button quail.  They are each about an inch long.  And SOOO CUUUUTE.

Chuck Norris is on tv.

Le poisson, le poisson
WIt te cleaver, ah hack tem in twooo
Ah POOOOL out what's insahde
And ah serve tem up frahd
Cuz ah LOVE leetle feeshes
Don't you???
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[22 Nov 2007|01:53pm]

This keyboard is all sorts of weird...not a fan.  

I'm going to get slurpees sometime tomorrow, fo sho.

Annnnd, ummm, I hope everyone has an awesome Meleagris gallopavo day...and yeah, you can eat tofurkey if that's your thang.  Just eat something, goodness!
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[18 Nov 2007|08:43pm]
Wow, so my ducks are peeping at me today, and it's like, the coolest thing ever.  I get all squee inside every time it happens!

My bobwhite paper is gradually getting done, and it's pretty awesome.  <3.  I'll probably have a GIS quiz tomorrow, so I need to read that at some point...blah.

Totally looking forward to the weekend...and Thanksgiving...and food...and graduating.  I need to be done with school.

And the total celibacy thing?  Not working out so well.z

Sha-la-la-la-la-la my oh my! Look like that boy too shy! Ain't gonna kiss the girl!
Sha-la-la-la-la-la ain't that sad? Ain't it a shame? Too bad, he gonna miss the girl.
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[29 Oct 2007|05:07pm]
Lolz lolz lolz.  Today was so awesome...quite possibly the best rejection EVER.

Bur you know, it's true.  The truth will set you free.
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[23 Oct 2007|01:08am]
Why is there always too much shit to do? I always have too much shit to do.  It's 1 am and I have a quiz tomorrow and a paper discussion and my HUGE ASS PAPER is due in less than a month and I haven't even read up on my bobwhites.  FUCK.

But I do have an incubator, and if there's one thing in this world that can make everything fantastic, it is ducks.
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[15 Oct 2007|03:00pm]

I guess that's the end of that!

In other news, I'm really tired of putting up with bullshit.  I'm not sure if it's just that time of the year, or there's some memo to please give me a hard time, but come on.  Slava wished me a good weekend on Thursday and it took me about 30 seconds to figure out what he'd said, and when I finally did, I almost cried.

Emotionally unstable? Noooo...
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[09 Oct 2007|11:39pm]

Ok, so yeah.  The internets were advertising (probably not the best word?) for this marine population dynamics workshop through VT...and it's in Summerland Key in Florida, and it's all-expenses paid, and they take 15 people total.  And I was like, heck, wouldn't it be like, totally w00t to have a free week in Florida looking at marine ecology? I mean, isn't that kind of what I want to do with the rest of my life? (The answer is yes, yes).

Anyway, I went over the application and it had all these randomy essay things, and then stuff like, "oooh, so tell us liek whoa about your most amazing moment ever in your field", and I was sort of like....umm?  And it's all math-based (orbviorsly), so they wanted all your math grades evar, and I was like, heh, I took calc concurrently at Wayne while I was a senior in high school...hahahaha, not my best grade ever.  So yeah, but I got a phone call today when I was holding office hours and dicking away on my computer, and it sounded something like this.

phone: *ring ring with unknown number*
me: (who the fuck is calling? maybe if i answered my phone more often i would actually store some numbers in here) hello?
professional voice: hello, is this you?
me: yes, yes it is.
pv: i'm so-and-so from vt (me: !!!) and blah blah blah i'm letting you know that we've accepted you into our program at summerland key.
me: ....omc! are you serious?
pv: yup!
me: like, seriously serious!
pv: SERIOUSLY serious.
me: like, the one that goes to florida in january for a week?
pv: yup!
me: omc! i can't believe it! *sqwee*

And so on for awhile.  But yeah.  They take 15 people.  In the country.  And, mothafuckas, I'm going to florida for the first week of school next semester!  Hot damn!
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[08 Sep 2007|06:18pm]
Yesterday, I finished watching season 2 of The Office....and proceeded to watch the same scene about 10 times over the course of the rest of the day.

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[01 Sep 2007|08:12pm]
More fun stories at state!

Alright, so today was a barrel of fun.  Our FW club needs money, so every year we help people out with parking/directing traffic for football games, and then we get free tix to the game.  I invited Tara to go, cuz I'm nice like that (and cuz I'm going to be a QB kid, so she can be an FW kid a leetle bit? Not really, but I thought she might want to get up really early.  Ok, not really that either).

Anyway, I get up at 6:30...and then next thing I know I'm waking up and sitting sort of mentally detached in my bed, thinking that there is something horribly wrong.  Then I look at my watch in dawning horror and almost cry when I see that it's 7:03.  I remember vocalizing ("oh SHIT!") and then running around, wearing the same clothes as yesterday, trying desperately to find a toothbrush and all of my random necessities (keys-wallet-cellphone-etc-etc-etc) and then sprinting out the door.  I proceed to call Tara and Steve back and forth, but no one from club is calling me back and I'm basically just freaking out with Tara...because she did the exact same thing I did.  Luckily, she decides to ride her bike over anyway and I proceed to walk quickly toward DPPS.

So I'm like running in my holey shoes to DPPS, and I don't know where I'm going exactly, because "behind DPPS" is a really vague term, and I end up kind of steathily and furtively glancing about looking for a blob of parking kids, cuz I don't see anything and there are people with barricades up around both ends of DPPS.  So I think, hmmmm, there are two driveways...maybe if I enter the S one, I can sneak a glance of where the parking kids might be!  So I walk purposefully up the lawn and THERE ARE ALL THE KIDS< YAY, so it was sort of along the back/side of the building, not really the backside.  But anyway I run up and everybody is there, kind of looking at me with a wtfareyoudoinghere look, except Steve, and I start babbling that  I was late and I tried calling and OMFC my feet are getting blisters cuz I haven't worn these shoes in months and he just laughs and said, yeah, I should have known with you, Duck.  So I run over to Carolyn and I'm like OMC I'M HERE HALF AN HOUR LATE BUT IT'S OK but some policey man is sort of yelling at her and she's like STFU and I'm like FINE, and so that does that and I put my name on a sheet and say that, oh yeah, my friend Tara is coming.  ANd everyone is like...orly? Where is she?  And I'm like...ummmm....she's coming? And luckily she calls me right then and says she's outside DPPS, adn where am I?  And I tell her about the sneaky driveways and then go stand by the corner to try to find her...and I'm standing there eating a minibox of frosted flakes, and I'm waiting for Tara...and then I'm waiting for Tara cuz I figure she's either really close or around here somewhere....and then I sort of feel this face-fally thing and I'm sort of glaring at the sidewalk as if it ate Tara.  And the FW kids are kinda like...mkkk, and then I'm sure Carolyn is like WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL and I'm like TARA WHERE ARE J00000 and then she appears out of nowhere and I'm like, oh yeshhhhh.

So we go back and get these orange smock things and then we get stuck outside IM circle and they tell us that when traffic gets bad, they'll come and find us.  So in the meantime, we work for 2.5 hrs by sitting on the ground, dancing, getting breakfast at the union, and playing euchre (an excitingly close match which we ended up squeaking by with an 11-8 victory, and no euchs until the last hand...and a couple of rogue aces of hearts, and a couple of omfccaseyihopeyou'recallingthatonsomethingmorethantwotrump moments).  Then Tara and I are wrangled into stopping traffic so that the football players can trek to the stadium in their pimp suits, so we go stand in traffic.  I have put my hair up into a vertical ponytail on top of my head, which I've forgotten about at this point, and I'm going to be directly in the crosswalk that the football players are walking along...so they all walk by, the enormous mass of them, and then people with cameras are running around and I'm waiting for traffic to show up that never does, and then I'm walking back to our original place with Tara and I realize that the whole of the football team and various photographers just walked past me/took pictures around a me wearing a teal jacket, an orange smock, and a vertical ponytail.  EXCELLENT!!!!

So we go back and I help Steve direct some traffic, and this betch in an SUV says she needs to get to Munn Field.  ANd we're like, well, police-lady says passes only this way, so you can't come this way.  And she's like, it's right there.  And I was like, no shit, but we can't let you through.  Actually it wasn't "right there", it was closer to Shaw Lane, but the betch was being a betch, and then she tells her husband that "she's on a powertrip, let's just go"...and I was like, wait a minute, she was talking about me, wasn't she??? I was trying to be polite to this dumb makeuppy-fried-hair skank in an SUV, and just because she doesn't have a freaking pass, she has to say I'm going on a powertrip because I'm doing my job.  Not Steve. ME.  I was the picture of firm politeness. Police lady told us not to let anyone through unless they had a pass or were threatening to run us over.  So yeah. That bitch can come back and I'll go on a powertrip and beat her West-Bloomfield-5000-mompants to the ground.

Then we eat some lunch and then have to clear the streets so the band can march to the stadium.  And we have to get everyone up on sidewalks, which is pretty insane, since the street we're at is like 100 yds long and I'm one crazy chick in an orange smock.  Eventually everyone is sort of on the sidewalk, until the band shows up and everyone on the pavement of the curve moves forward to the yellow line, and I'm like, shet, they're taking up a huge chunk of road...ummm, fuck, I'm going to have to move them all.  So I sort of reluctantly sidle over to this blob of people, and one of the little "band guards" sort of motions for the people to back up with a smliling benign German=looking face (he kind of looked like a happy Nazi, to be totally honest...which prolly isn't too far from the truth, crazy band peeps), and so I start telling people to get on the sidewalk, and they move back a few inches, and then first this lady tells me that I better tell THEM over there to mvoe back, cuz she can't see her SON otherwise.  ANd then I'm telling people to please get on the sidewalk, yadda yadda, and some drunk guy in a jersey starts imitating me and dancing in place, and I'm just like, whatev, I don't care what you do, get back on the sidewalk.  And then some guy with a video camera is inching over the yellow line, trying to ignore me, and I'm like....sir.  You need to get back on the pavement.  Sir. Sir.  And then he sort of growls at me, THANKS FOR RUINING MY VIDEO.  And I didn't walk in the line of his vision, I just told him to move.  I didn't ruin his damn video, he should haven't come off the pavement in the first place.  Then he yells BULLSHIT and slams his LCD screen shut at me.  Cuz you know, DAMN, he had to turn of the camera, cuz I interjected that he was impeding the band's progress.  And so eventually he sort of moves back, grumbling at me the whole while, and I'm thinking, damn, that made me really mad...I should have grabbed the video and yelled JERRRRRRRRRRRRRRK into it.  THAT would have been an awesome video.  So then I make it back to the divider and people are moved back, and then the band kids start to flood over to the far side of the street, where the herd of people had been standing...AND I FEEL SOOOO VINDICATED.  Like I actually did something worthwhile in the last four hours, excellent.  And I "ruined" some guy's video.  He prolly doesn't want the audio anyway, he can just keep the video and make some happy background audio instead.  Jackass.

Umm, yeah.  Then a bunch of us stand at a minor crosswalk and walk in front of cars with pedestrians so that cars will hit the orange smock instead of the pedestrians for awhile...and then we went to the game.  It was pretty awesome.  By the end we were "flashing" each other with the smocks.  Ohhhhh man.  And I have a sunburn.

And then Michigan lost and it made everything better.  Except the sunburn.  Fuck, my LIPS are sunburned.  That's probably why they hurt, eh?
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